Benefits of Using Freelance Writers

Outsourcing your freelance writing jobs frees you up for business meetings.

Many businesses outsource editorial service tasks such as writing, to freelance professionals. Even established publishing companies with their own in-house staff of writers and editors use freelancers. There are benefits and instances when it’s best to use these experienced individuals for your company’s writing needs.

Streamline Overall Duties

Whether you’re a manager for a brick-and-mortar company, a small business entrepreneur or a website owner, you have many tasks to juggle throughout the day. Your morning hours may consist of delegating jobs to key people, attending board meetings or following up with prospects. In the afternoon, you’re busy making purchasing decisions for your new product line, searching for the ideal graphic designer for your site and negotiating with vendors. Many tasks are already heaped upon your plate. Delegating your company’s writing needs will streamline your own tasks, making them more enjoyable.

Utilize Writing Expertise

You’re an expert on managing teams of project leaders or brainstorming ideas for small businesses. However, writing concise, persuasive copy may not be your cup of tea. Perhaps, you can craft well-written material, but not fast enough to meet pending deadlines while keeping all the project essentials in motion.

Hiring freelance writers will give you and your time-strapped employees enough energy to focus on your areas of expertise. Likewise, your freelance writers can concentrate on theirs and for an agreed-upon fee, extend their handiwork towards your company’s goals.

Gain Fresh Perspective

Company personnel have been busy and heavily involved in a project—possibly a tad too close to stay objective. You’ve all worked hard on procuring the client, developing the concepts to fit their needs and attending endless meetings to address questions. Now you’re all exhausted from nurturing your “baby.” Somewhere along the way your insights have become a bit subjective and you can’t find the right words to present the project.

Freelance writers with ample expertise in your industry can write compelling copy. Complemented by industry knowledge, they can recognize what differentiates your product from competing ones to attract customers. Even experienced writers with little knowledge of your company or industry can conduct phone and in-person interviews. They use reputable online sources from which they glean additional research. Regardless of their level of industry knowledge, a professional writer will produce a well-crafted and thoroughly researched final copy. As an added bonus, the material will shine with a fresh perspective.

Assistance During Peak Periods

Deadlines are a mainstay in every business. But, during peak production periods, you and your staff are too busy handling a multitude of tasks. While you may have the expertise to write succinct, persuasive copy, you simply don’t have time to do so.

It’s wise to have a stable of reliable freelance writers who can use their skills when you need them most. After acclimating to your style guidelines or preferences, freelance writers will accomplish the job quickly and more efficiently.

Expertise Sans Pricey Benefits Packages

Freelance writers are not regular employees of your company. They are independent contractors who get paid for their short- or long-term temporary services. Depending on your work arrangement or needs, they work on location or telecommute from their own home or office. However, they don’t receive benefits packages given to full-time, regular staff. When hiring freelancers, there’s no need to worry about pension plans, dental or medical benefits, overtime pay, paid vacation or sick days or yearly profit-sharing bonuses (unless, of course, you give them a small, one-time bonus). Thus, hiring freelance writers to tackle your editorial service needs is more budget friendly for your company’s coffers than recruiting another permanent employee. In return, their freelance writing expertise is well worth the small financial investment.


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