Ready to Ring in 2012!

It’s been an amazing 2011 for Editorial Creatives! As with any growing business, we’ve evolved a bit over the past 12 months, and foresee more enhancements in the near future.

Our days flew by so quickly as we went about our daily tasks that during the first half of 2011, we didn’t notice all the wonderful moments we were experiencing, and the great places we were visiting. Can you relate? Do you forget to live or appreciate the moments—until, the year is nearly over and you’re reflecting on another set of 365 days gone by?

We thought we’d recap some highlights before we ring in another new, adventure-filled year:

  • New Site Design. We’ve tweaked and re-tweaked our site and are sporting some cool social media-friendly buttons and features. They’re brand spanking new to our site, so we hope you like ‘em, too. We welcome your thoughts, so please share.
  • Exploring the Depths of Cyberspace. We’ve braced ourselves and dipped our toes in places that were relatively foreign to us. We’ve expanded our horizon and through the magic of technology, found and connected with folks who forged the way before us—various communities of supportive peers who tirelessly promote each other. Thanks to She Writes, WoMen’s Literary Café, Travel Bloggers Give Back and Matador.
  • Social Media. Aside from Facebook, we’ve embraced Twitter and have been busily Tweeting away. Well, we knew sooner or later, we’d be fully engaged with the latter. In less than one month, we have 100+ awesome folks who are now “following” us. Thank you. We’re happy to have connected with all of you, and look forward to more Tweets.
  • Cool Assignments and Posts. We’ve been fortunate to land some very cool assignments with opportunities to interview various interesting people, attended press gigs, reviewed many restaurants and family-friendly venues, and crafted guest blog posts. We also participated in meaningful initiatives, including Travel Bloggers Give Back.

Click here for a taste of our evening at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Manhattan’s Grand Central area, where we ate and drank our way through the launch event of their foodie site—Food Culture in Taiwan.

Getting Ready for 2012

As the year draws to a close, our family is eagerly awaiting and planning our “Media Noche” (pronounced Meh-dhyah-NOH-cheh), which means “at midnight”—a Filipino meal that traditionally takes place at midnight on New Year’s Eve. My husband and I adopted this annual tradition from our childhood and now celebrate it with our own kids. Admittedly, we’ve woven a number of Western twists to our meal—which sometimes includes turkey and mashed potatoes, along with some native dishes.

In the Philippines, families and friends gather together, ready to partake of traditional home-cooked meals—noodles, eggrolls, glazed spiral ham topped with pineapple rings and whole peppercorn and much more. Visiting family members and other guests contribute potluck style to this mini banquet or fiesta, resulting in a table teeming with sumptuous fare. For dessert, guests eat among other delights, decadent leche flan and puto, which is steamed rice cake, often wrapped in banana leaves. Akin to muffins, puto is even more delicious when served warm—topped with butter, cheese or grated coconut.

Everyone awaits the beginning of each year together—enjoying jovial conversations. At the strike of midnight, bright colors adorn the granite black skies as greetings and hugs accompany the deafening sounds from the handheld noisemakers and pyrotechnics overhead.

My husband, kids and I will be watching that huge iconic Waterford crystal ball drop in Times Square via our television—from the comfort of our home. But, just like I did when I was a young girl in the Philippines, our kids will once again vigorously shake coin-filled containers at midnight. My husband and I incorporated what has become an annual tradition—which signifies the ringing in of a prosperous new year. Started even before the birth of Editorial Creatives, we figured it couldn’t hurt to keep the tradition going. And our kids—well, they always have a blast!

As we bid 2011 adieu, Editorial Creatives thanks all of you for your support. We’re eagerly awaiting 2012—as it brings exciting and new adventures for us, and we can’t wait to share them with all of you. Have a beautiful and safe New Year’s Eve. Enjoy your own “Media Noche” with your loved ones. As they say in the Philippines: “Manigong Bagong Taon!” (pronounced Mah-nee-gong Bag-gong Tah-on), or “Happy New Year!” Should you be curious to learn how to say this greeting in 39 other languages, check out this post via Matador. Cheers…

We’d love to hear from you. What are your own traditions, memories of gatherings or perhaps resolutions or wishes for 2012? Will you be celebrating by hosting an event at your home? Or will you be traveling to exotic locations?


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