‘Tis the Season…

For a multitude of things—pretty bows and shiny wrappers, holiday tunes and the delightful scents of freshly-baked cookies and pies wafting from the kitchen. It’s a season full of hope, cheer and happy tidings—regardless of which particular holiday is celebrated—Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Christmas. It’s a season of families gathered ‘round lovingly prepared meals—engaged in thoughtful reflections. It’s a season of giving.

Thankfully, my path has crossed with many very generous folks, especially during these last few months. There are so many people who give their time, skills and funds to help those in need. I see works of charity and kindness performed by seemingly-ordinary individuals on a daily basis.

And as I take in the fresh scent from a pine tree bedecked in a room full of laughter and glee, my thoughts go to some wonderful “givers”:

  • The little girl whose friend was in intense pain…crying almost nonstop as the three of us rode in a cab a few weeks ago. Just minutes before, these two girls from my daughter’s class were walking back to school with their classmates after a field trip, when one injured her leg, and couldn’t walk so their teacher asked me to take them back via cab. I tried my best to comfort her with hugs and words. But to no avail. And then, I heard.

      “Don’t worry things will be fine. I promise that your mom will be at school soon cause the office called her already. She’ll take you to the doctor and he can tell you what’s wrong. Just breathe in. Breathe out.”

    Every time the injured girl would counter, this awesome child would gently say, “Shhhh…. It’s okay. Things will be better. It’s okay.”

    Then she’d hug her “patient” and repeat, “Things will be better…” Through her compassionate efforts, her best friend’s cries subsided for a little while.

  • The patient and hard-working technical support representative who helped me recover my website a month ago when I thought all was lost (and I’d have to start from scratch, even with the back-ups).

    After speaking to three other “experts” who didn’t really want to investigate what caused my “virtual” home to just disappear from Cyberspace since it was “above and beyond” what they were supposed to do, this wonderful man helped me. After making some adjustments…voila, we were back on line. Editorial Creatives thanks you for going “above and beyond” your call of duty! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season.

  • Generous individuals at online communities like She Writes and WoMen’s Literary Café who promote the works and thoughts of their fellow book authors, writers, reviewers, bloggers and etc.
  • The wonderful bloggers via the “Travel Bloggers Give Back” initiative, started by Bret Love from Green Global Travel. Through your posts many people have come to know so many charities and nonprofit organizations. Tweeting is all the more meaningful.
  • To the friends and family who surround me in person and online. Thank you so much for your support as I chase this dream, which has occupied my every waking moment, and steals my slumber whenever new ideas pop up.
  • To my awesome kids and husband who are always on hand with home-baked goods, brewed coffee and more than anything—lots of love, hugs and supportive words. Thank you for understanding.
  • And of course, thanks to the One Above for giving me this passion, and the folks who, in various ways, help me achieve it.

Editorial Creatives thanks you for stopping by our pages, and for sharing your comments and thoughts. We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season. Cheers and safe travels.


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