Greetings, 2012! New Journeys Await

Webcast Screen Shot of New Year's Eve Ball in Times Square via Editorial Creatives Site

Ah yes, it’s a new year! Editorial Creatives welcomes 2012 with arms wide open, ready to embrace the exciting journeys that it brings—most of which we admit, have yet to be plotted or envisioned.

As creative professionals, we see the next 12 months as a series of blank computer screens that with just the right mixture of nouns, prepositions, verbs and a sprinkling of adjectives, can house carefully-woven tales of rejuvenating seaside walks along the Hamptons, treks along meandering trails in the Great Smoky Mountains, precipitous climbs to Mount Champlain in Maine (or those massive boulders in Central Park),or exhilarating kayaking adventures on Manhattan’s Hudson River. Such scenarios are enhanced with modern day complementary and essential tools of the craft—the Internet, plus a smattering of still photos and video clips.

We have a number of projects in store, and are working on additional features for our blog. And with articles, essays and blog entries focused on travel, lifestyle and parenting, we’ll have plenty to discuss over a year’s worth of caffeine-laden drinks, herbal teas or whatever beverages spark your imagination.

    For instance, have you read our December 30th guest post on Emily Suess’s blog? If not, here’s the link for “Our Bouts of Writing…Around the Holidays” for your perusal. Can you relate to our complex juggling act, which is true whether you’re a writer, accountant, engineer or nurse?

We look forward to traversing this beautiful world with all of you—from our vantage point, here in our little corner of the blogosphere.

To start, the following are some of our favorite spots in our home state of New York, where we’re currently growing deep roots, thanks in part to parenting duties and business growth. Thus, our lust for wandering is satiated with trips to family-friendly destinations, and renowned dining venues, plus some hidden gems we’ve stumbled upon during our many urban jaunts.

Here’s a sampling:

  • In the mood for pizza? Here are a “Trio of Pizza Places in Tribeca” where you can head to after a day of exploring this Lower Manhattan neighborhood. Check out local favorites, like Saluggi’s, which serves delicious pies, among other Italian specialties.
  • Mini cupcakes, anyone? A visit to “Baked by Melissa Cupcake Bakery” is in order. Don’t let the tiny size fool you, these delightful treats pack lots of flavor! Imagine, you can finally eat a whole cupcake (or two) and not feel (too) guilty.
  • Looking for an indoor place where you can spend the day window shopping and sampling bites of sweets? Peruse this piece for tasty ideas – “Sweet Treats at Chelsea Market”.

A couple of events currently taking place:

  • Progressive Insurance New York Boat Show – From Wednesday, January 4 to Saturday, January 8, the Javits Center is hosting this 107-year-old event. Did you know that the first National Motor Boat Show held in 1905 in today’s Grand Central area featured only 25 different boats? Today, there are hundreds of brands and types of yacht and pontoon boats, canoes and personal watercraft. You can even shop for fishing gear and travel insurance. For more information, click here. Also, don’t forget to check out details about the latest recreational trend—stand up paddling via Paddlepalooza.
  • Big Apple Circus – It’s not too late to catch this iconic circus extravaganza—Grandma’s final year. But hurry, the last show in Manhattan is this Sunday, January 8. Click here to purchase tickets online. Or, check out details for future shows in Bridgewater, NJ, Boston, MA and Queens, NY.

There is so much to see and do in the New York City area. We hope our forays around the Big Apple provide you with some ideas on what is possible in our neck of the woods.

Have you been to our lovely city? What was your favorite activity when you visited? Do you have a restaurant or café on your must-go-to list?


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