Why Do I Write?

Did you know that today is the National Day on Writing? In commemoration of this wonderful event, which has been officially declared by Congress and sponsored by the National Council and Teachers of English, I joined my fellow SheWriters (a wonderful community of women writers), and cited my reason(s) for writing using 140 characters or less.

My 109-character response speaks volumes:

    “Writing is the creative outlet that truly satisfies my free-spirited muse. Without it, we’d both be restless.”

Anyone who has known me for a while, understands the dilemma I face when I’m not able to string words together due to writer’s block, or because a hectic schedule prevented me from committing those words to paper (or on screen). While some creative folks design jewelry and dresses, or express their passion through mixing flavors and ingredients by cooking, I can’t wait to fill empty pages in my journal or that white computer screen with descriptions of my experiences at those dining venues, or share a review of some family-friendly activities. Or to write freely about whatever topic aches to come out at that given moment. To go through a day without my preferred mode of creative expression is quite troublesome, indeed.

One of the greatest things about writing is that you don’t necessarily need to be a published or paid professional writer to even craft prose. In our information- and social media-driven world, we may not realize just how many words we write on a daily basis. Whether it’s for personal use via short text messages, Facebook posts, Tweets, e-mails, letters, notes, blog entries and more; or for professional or business means, such as marketing or promotional material, plays, poems, advertising copy, books or magazine articles. We use and write words all the time—at various points throughout the day. Truthfully it’s hard to fathom a world where words are irrelevant or nonexistent.

It’s a sure bet that in your own way, you’ve actually participated in today’s National Day on Writing. Here’s an article via the New York Times regarding what some folks are doing today to celebrate – Blogging the National Day on Writing.

Editorial Creatives urges you to share your own experiences with words. Do you like to write? If so, what do you like to write? Have you posted blogs or Facebook entries, or Tweeted today?

We look forward to reading or learning about what you’ve written. Happy writing!

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